Engagement Models

The way we work

Our work practices are derived from our pricinciples and values. Some of the key aspects are listed below.

Use of Good Practices

We use best practice frameworks, methodologies and guidelines that are appropriate for the assignment at hand. This enables general acceptance by being consistent with accepted good practices and standards that are independent of specific vendor technologies/methodologies.

Business focussed

Our services are business oriented and not merely IT based. We are business focussed for alignment between business and IT goals. Our eye is on the bigger picture and enterprise wide. We work with stakeholders within the IT department and outside it to ensure communication at all levels. Our desire for our clients is that they should use information technology to drive their stakeholders’ value while managing associated risks.

Focus on Quality

We are focussed on providing the highest quality of solutions we can. This means a number of things and includes context, relevance and attention to detail.

Our Partnerships

We work with a few, carefully selected partners to deliver services, and this way we can bring the best solutions to our clients. Our services focus primarily around the Software arena and include application development, maintenance, testing and project management. We also offer a number of other services due to our multi-partner model.