Integration Solutions

While Tally is very rich in functionality, organizations often need enhancements and specific functionality, behavior and formats that are different to what is available out of the box. Further, they may need to interface or integrate with external systems. These require programming using Tally’s own programming language called Tally Definition Language or TDL. TDL helps to make changes to default Invoices, reports, functionalities, as well as the ability to create additional data items and business logic. Our TDL engineers, together with the accounting team and the web programming team provide a full range of customisation services.

Authorised Tally Associate Partner

Milan Tally Services is an authorized Tally Associate Partner for providing enhancements and programming services. Our engineers have been trained by Tally Solutions in TDL and they have over the years built programs that extend the already wonderful features of Tally. These enhancements run readily with Tally.ERP9 and cater to a vast range of uses across industries.

Tally customisation usually involves:

  • Modification or creation of documents like invoices and delivery notes.
  • Modification or creation of new Reports like Cost Centre P&L, Commission Statements
  • Integration, e.g. data exchange between different systems including to and from Excel, to and from a website/e-commerce store.
  • Data Migration, e.g., from another accounting system
  • Tally vertical solutions, .e.g, Micro Finance Solution

Milan’s TDL Engineers have provided solutions in the following areas:

Voucher Entry Related

  • Specific Security rules (Voucher Type Security)
  • Serial/Model Number filtering
  • Grid lines, Extra fields in Voucher Entry Screen
  • Cash Discount provision in Inventory part of vouchers
  • Bank ledger selection facility in Sales/Purchase Vouchers
  • Customised fields at Voucher Class level
  • Additional fields to capture specific information

Invoice Printing

  • Invoice Customisation with Logos, Bar codes, specific formats, terms and conditions etc.
  • Customised Excise Invoices on Pre-printed stationery in Dot-Matrix Printers
  • Money receipt with Bar Code

New Reports

  • Commission Report based on Collection
  • Commission Report based on Revenue
  • Sales man wise Report
  • Zone and Region wise Report
  • Party and Item wise Report
  • Cost centre wise Outstanding Report

Data Import and integration

  • Data import from Microsoft Access and Excel to Tally
  • ODBC connectivity with Excel
  • XML integration
  • Website integration