RestoBar makes Restaurant and Bar Management easy and effective!

RestoBar is an online solution available for web hosting as per domain selected for managing your Restaurants and Bar. This business segment needs track of inventory and food & beverage supply for customer’s order almost instantly. Online solution from Milan is designed to meet service standard and process flow by managing Store & Kitchen, Restaurant, Bar and Accounts billing with timely reports and dashboards.

RestoBar features:

  • Advance booking from layout of Floor plan with Table position you check and update current status of every Table.
  • Online order tracking and collaboration with food supplier agencies like Zomato, Swiggy or foodpanda.
  • Multiple KOT for food & beverage in single Order and Bill for customer
  • Master Settings for Employees, Access permission, Sale settings, Customer details, Supplier details, Bank details etc.
  • Store & Kitchen module for Inventory – Item entry with Unit of measurement, Purchase entry, Damage entry, Transfer stock Items.
    • View Purchase report, current stock summary, Date wise in / out stock, Date wise transfer report, Employee wise transfer report, current stock with value, Item stock in Kitchen, Kitchen Day Report etc.
  • In Restaurant module you create Cuisine and category, do Billing entry, edit / delete Bill wise sales.
    • View Date wise Sales Summary, Current Stock in Store, Bill wise Sales, Bar Item / Cuisine wise Sale Summary, Cuisine Category wise Sale Summary etc.
  • In Bar module you purchase Bar Items, maintain Bar Current Stock, Issue Bottle, Create POS Bill, Damaged Pack Items entry.
    • View Bottom Line Stock Report, Purchase Summary, Purchase Invoice Details, Bar Counter Stock, Current Opened Bottles,
    • Modify / Print Sales Invoices, Damaged Bar items, Bar Item Report etc.
  • In Accounts section get Supplier Payment entry form, Crete Customer Ledger, Bank Ledgers, make Bank Transactions, Delete Payment, Delete Bank Transactions,
    • View Supplier Due List, Customer Due List, and Date wise Collection Summary etc.

Benefits of RestoBar:

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy. Save time and cost
  • It helps improve the quality of decisions and make business profitable through  more control, better services and higher earnings!
  • Quality control of services, customer communication and branding.
  • Reduce repetition of entries. Most importantly, one time data entry only.
  • Sales data accuracy is improved by enabling reliable forecasting.

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