Web Systems

The web is now an integrated aspect of our lives – business and personal and it would be surprising to see an organisation that does not have some sort of presence on the web.  However, simply being on the web is not enough as you know.  The presence has to be effective, serve a purpose and leverage its capabilities.  Milan Tally Services helps in doing just that and more.

Milan Tally Services offers a wide range of web based solutions:

Create an initial web presence
Improve/enhance the web presence
Design solutions for capturing business via the web
Conduct web base promotions and marketing campaigns
Free up information within the organisation to make it visible on the intranet and the internet
Create a unified experience for your customers

We are able to do this because we have significant expertise in:

Graphic design
Website design
Rich Internet Applications (CSS, Photoshop)
A deep understanding of the presentation layer within the SOA
Experience of creating social networking sites

Talk to us to see how we can help you leverage the web effectively.